What exactly *IS* the status of 2GB quotas? [WAS Re: ****Re: Odd quota problem]

Simon Matter simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com
Wed Aug 9 14:36:49 EDT 2006

> --On Saturday, August 05, 2006 6:55 PM +0200 Simon Matter
> <simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com> wrote:
> Okay, I would like to hear specifically from Ken on this one...
> I asked the question myself and go an answer suggesting the limit is not
> 2GB,
> but 2TB.  I saw a posting from Ken earlier on suggesting something
> similar.

With 2.2 it was 2GB, with 2.3 it may be 2TB or something, just usually
large enough.

> In a nutshell, it looks like we can set quotas to any size (even larger
> than
> 4GB) because the quote limit is defined in Kilobytes and note bytes.
> However,
> the real problem is the tracking of the actual space used by the user,
> which
> is done in bytes... so, even though you can set the quota larger, the 2GB
> limit still gets hit because the actual usage counter overflows.  Is this
> how
> it really is, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
> There also seem to be some third-party patches out there (Simon, etc) that
> implement a "large quota patch", which gets around this problem.  It looks
> like it is actually a 64-bit quota patch, which allows Cyrus to track how
> much disk space is used to greater than 4GB.  Again, am I interpreting
> this
> correctly?
> So, to wrap up this discussion once and for all:
>   What is the actual quota limitation for Cyrus 2.2 and for Cyrus 2.3?
>         (are they different? did the third party patches make it into
>          the 2.3 versions of Cyrus?)

64-bit quota has been made in 2.3 and backported to 2.2. They work the
same way. I don't know what your problem is but maybe you have to update
quota with "quota -f" after switching your mailspool to the 64bit quota

>   Does the large quota patch require a 64-bit machine/os in order to
> permit
>     quotas larger than 2GB?

No, it works fine on 32bit cpu/os.


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