ptloader segfaulting while looking up LDAP groups

Ben Poliakoff benp at
Tue Aug 8 20:28:04 EDT 2006

ptloader is segfaulting on multiple servers in my test environment when
the user that is connecting for IMAP service is found in more than one

I have a core file, but it doesn't seem that useful since a number of
the libraries that ptloader links to don't currently have debugging

software versions:

    Platform: debian sarge amd64
    Cyrus IMAP version: 2.3.7
    Cyrus SASL version: 2.1.19
    local OpenLDAP version: 2.2.23
    Remote OpenLDAP version: 2.3.24

ldap configs from imapd.conf:

    auth_mech: pts
    pts_module: ldap

    ldap_filter: (uid=%U)

    ldap_start_tls: 0
    ldap_base: dc=example,dc=com
    ldap_sasl: 0
    ldap_uri: ldap://

    # max number of records to return
    ldap_size_limit: 100

    # begin LDAP group configs
    # find groups
    ldap_group_base: ou=group,dc=example,dc=com
    ldap_group_filter: (cn=%U)
    # find members of groups
    ldap_member_base: ou=group,dc=example,dc=com
    ldap_member_method: filter
    ldap_member_filter: (member=%D)
    ldap_member_attribute: cn

Has anyone else seen a problem like this?


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