duplicate suppression in murder

Ken Murchison murch at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Aug 7 11:13:27 EDT 2006

Vincent Fox wrote:
> I really don't have a strong enough grasp of Cyrus terminology at this
> point. Sorry about that, perhaps duplicate suppression is not the right
> term. What I meant was you send a message to 30 inboxes at once, as I
> understood it Cyrus only stores one copy and references the other 29. At
> least with a single server this seems clear enough. With a murder I'm not
> so clear.

Each partition (disk partition that is part of the mailspool) on each 
backend server will have one copy of the message.  Hardlinks aren't 
allowed across disk partitions and Cyrus has no facility to virtually 
link across backends.

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