single domain install

Uroš Gruber uros.gruber at
Thu Aug 3 07:26:34 EDT 2006


I've install cyrus dozen of times and right now I'm puling my hair 
because I can figure what is the problem.
Here is my setup.

I use cyrus 2.3.7 and latest sasl. I've add some users in sasldb2. I 
also use path for autocreate mailbox.
list of sasl users give me

email at UserPassword

from postfix in deliver mail to cyrus via lmtp and I have postfix 
virtual users listed in virtual file.

email at
email1 at

with deliver everything works and mail is delivered and I can see 
mailbox created in /var/imap/spool/users



also I can see those accounts through  cyradm as well.

What bothers me is authentication via pop or imap. If i use username 
email (user is not found) if I use email at user is found,
but also mailbox is created email at foo^bar in /var/imap/spool/users/

I know I'm doing something wrong with setup so I would like someone help 
me with this.


I this even possible with saslpasswd2

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