Idea for filtered access to cyrus

Michael R. Gettes gettes at
Wed Aug 2 16:10:47 EDT 2006

Because this is too confusing to our users.

They want the small device to see the same emails as their regular
mail client.  So, if my INBOX is filtered on my PDA and I delete
the message, it should be deleted on the server as well and the
reverse should also be true.  Our users also don't want to have to
check mail in multiple folders.  Your suggestion is viable from
strictly the berry or other small device perspective but not from
the perspective of using a berry/other device in concert with your
normal IMAP client such as thunderbird, outlook, applemail and friends.

Lastly, getting people to point their INBOX at an alternate folder is
confusing for users.  Please remember that not all users are  
Given that we have many many thousands of users the smallest support
consideration is significant.  This idea was largely borne from the
concern of how do we keep this as simple as possible such that the
users can really understand the service they are getting.


On Aug 2, 2006, at 15:12, David Lang wrote:

> this seems overly complicated.
> why not just have your filter software (of which there is a wide  
> variety, includign sieve) put the messages you want into a  
> INBOX.filtered folder and have your e-mail client (including a  
> blackberry if you want) just read that folder?
> since many of these filter programs are opensource it would be  
> pretty trivial to have them modify a flag as well, they generally  
> don't do much with flags now becouse many IMAP servers don't have  
> user-definable flags and they want to be compatable with as many  
> different servers as possible.
> David Lang

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