Idea for filtered access to cyrus

Michael R. Gettes gettes at
Wed Aug 2 14:25:17 EDT 2006

I don't know - if there exists some plumbing today to make this happen -
I am happy to utilize it in this idea.  So, I'd appreciate some  
if any of the capabilities of this idea already exist in some form.


On Aug 2, 2006, at 14:23, Robert Banz wrote:

>> Cyrus gets this and slices off the +filter= and places the value  
>> "foo"
>> into a FILTER variable.
>> On the mail delivery side:  LMTP is changed to look for X-IMAP- 
>> FILTER headers
>> and to store the value of the header as an IMAP flag.  Assuming
>> X-IMAP-Filter: foo
>> then we add /filter=foo to the IMAP flags.  Do so for each X-IMAP- 
>> FILTERheader found.
> Could this be more generically implemented by creating a sieve  
> extension to manipulate IMAP flags when storing a message to a folder?
> -rob

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