unable to login with cyradm

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at UGent.be
Wed Aug 2 11:45:01 EDT 2006

Joe Harvell wrote:
> I used cyradm a long time ago to set up two mailboxes, and now I need to
> use it again, but I can't login:
> I am running cyrus-imapd 2.2.12.  I know that the latest 2.3 version
> supports TLS with cyradm.  But I am not ready to upgrade.  I just want
> to be able to run cyradm from the localhost.  Here is what happens when
> I enter the cyradm command:

Indeed, 2.3 has tls support.  However, does anybody know how I make use 
of the tls key file that needs to be give to cyradm?  How do I create 
such a tls key file?

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