rename script

Peter Clark clarkp at
Wed Oct 26 15:13:47 EDT 2005

  I have a Cyrus 2.1.16 install running on a FreeBSD 5.1 machine and I 
would like to use the rename script described in the managing IMPAP book 
chap 9 (example 9-2). I have tried to run this scrip as root, cyrus  and 
logged in to cyradm and end up with a cryptic error message:

%./rename lm.out zzzzz zzzzzy
set: Variable name must begin with a letter.

# more lm.out
user.zzzzz.more (\HasNoChildren)
user.zzzzz.stuff (\HasNoChildren)
user.zzzzz.Trash (\HasNoChildren)

here is the script:
(the "set adminpw" is set correctly to my password)

# more rename

#!/usr/local/bin/cyradm -file
#    Usage: rename filename olduser newuser
set inputfile [lindex $argv 0]
set oldmb [lindex $argv 1]
set newmb [lindex $argv 2]
#set mailstore "/var/spool/imap/user"
set mailstore "/data/mail/var/spool/imap/user"

eval cyradm connect cyr_conn localhost 143
puts stdout "Connected to IMAP server. Authenticating..."

if [catch {eval cyr_conn authenticate -pwcommand {{
     set hostname "localhost"
     set adminid "cyrus"
     set adminpw "xxxxx"
     list $adminid $adminpw
}} } result ] {
     puts stderr "$result (cleartext)"
     return -code error $result
} else {
     puts "Authentication successful."
## Open the file containing mailbox names, and create the
## top-level mailbox.
if [catch {open $inputfile r} fileId] {
     puts stderr "Error: cannot open $inputfile"
} else {

     ## Create the toplevel mailbox

     if [catch {cyr_conn createmailbox user.$newmb} result] {
         puts stderr $result
     } else {
         puts "Created mailbox user.$newmb"

     while {[gets $fileId line] >= 0} {

         ## Build the new mailbox name from the old one
         set newf [join [lreplace [split $line .] 1 1 $newmb] . ]

         ## Create the mailbox
         if [catch {cyr_conn createmailbox $newf} result] {
             puts stderr $result
         } else {
             puts "Created sub-mailbox $newf"

#    file delete -force /var/spool/cyrus/user/$newmb
     file delete -force /data/mail/var/spool/cyrus/user/$newmb
     file copy $mailstore/$oldmb $mailstore/$newmb
     {exec /usr/bin/chown -R cyrus:mail $mailstore/$newmb}

     ## Delete the old account
     if [catch {cyr_conn setaclmailbox user.$oldmb cyrusadm d} \
         result] {
         puts stderr $result
     } else {
         puts "setaclmailbox user.$oldmb cyrusadm d"

     if [catch {cyr_conn deletemailbox user.$oldmb} result] {
         puts stderr $result
     } else {
         puts "Deleted mailbox user.$oldmb"

puts "Please run \'reconstruct user.$newmb\' as cyrus."

I definately am handicapped in scripting. I am at a loss and any help 
would be appreciated.

Peter Clark

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