Pc-Pine users with remote configuration and Address Book can't ge t their mail

Nancy McGough agorae+--info-cyrus at nm.deflexion.com
Tue Oct 25 10:40:48 EDT 2005

On 25 Oct 2005, Balobo Maiga wrote:
> Hello,
> We just move our server from postfix/Mailbox to a Postfix/Cyrus
> installation. After the install some users using Pc-pine with a remote
> configuration file and address book  can't no more get their email. The
> error they get is the following "Trouble reading remote configuration!
> Continue anyway?" and this error appear on the pine windows "can't modify
> the configuration file "{server.address/user=username}remote_pinerc""
> We can see that the users are authentified and there is no other error in
> log files.
> I will appreciate if you can help me.

Try using this:


(assuming that mailboxes are under INBOX and dot is the hierarchy 

I discuss this briefly on my Power Pine page in this section:


Hope this helps,

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