sieveusehomedir true - IOERROR: not a sieve bytecode file

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Oct 24 14:07:12 EDT 2005

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005, Ken Murchison wrote:

> Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> I upgraded my dev box from Cyrus 2.1.18 to 2.2.12.  I have been using 
>> .sieve files in user home directories.  After starting up 2.2.12, I get the 
>> following error message in the logs when I send mail to my account:
>> Oct 18 15:40:50 mail1 lmtp[18891]: IOERROR: not a sieve bytecode file 
>> /users/u1/m/morgan/.sieve
>> My .sieve file is the exact same one that I'm using in the production 
>> server running 2.1.16.
>> I understand that sieve files are compiled into bytecode now, but I didn't 
>> think that would affect .sieve files in homedirs.
>> Is it true that .sieve files in homedirs must be compiled into bytecode as 
>> well now?
> Yes.  lmtpd in Cyrus 2.2+ only reads bytecode scripts.

Hmmm.  This means changing how I handle mail filtering for my users.  How 
do other large installations handle this?  I currently generate .sieve 
files for my users' most common needs, and this is integrated into our 
larger self-service account tools.  I guess I'll most likely move to 
timsieved, but I'm open to suggestions now.


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