Dudi Goldenberg Dudi at
Mon Oct 24 11:28:31 EDT 2005

Hello Ken,

>Yes, provided that they have the proper ACL set.  In order to use a 
>fileinto action, the user must have the 'i' right on the destination 
>mailbox whether its a user's INBOX ( or a user's submailbox 

>If you're just trying to put the message into a user's INBOX, then you 
>could use a redirect action instead, which won't require any ACL

My users use websieve to sort incoming mail into subfolders.

AFAIK websieve does not support REDIRECT and will only present the
user's subfolders as candidates for the msg target folder.

Is there a sieve GUI out there that supports REDIRECT and/or direct
store to another user's mailbox (assuming all ACL requirements are met)?

If not, is there a sample sieve script I could use as a skeleton?


Dudi Goldenberg

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