cyrus-sasl saslauthd and pgsql/mysql

Andrzej Kwiatkowski andrzej.kwiatkowski at
Sun Oct 23 17:50:08 EDT 2005

2005/8/8, Andrzej Kwiatkowski <andrzej.kwiatkowski at>:
> Hello.
> I've found that saslauthd is doing native authentication only in LDAP.
> Mysql i Pgsql authentication can't be done by saslauthd.
> Is one interested in using such configuration ?
> Now i'm thinking if write patch for saslauthd to support Pgsql.
> Or someone know how to make in sasl native pgsql authentication
> to authenticate 2 kinds of users:
> 1. if i want to authenticate user: username
> 2. if i want to authenticate user: username at
> Or in short: how to completely disable realms ?
> for example sql_filter should be: select password from users where uid='%s'
> and i don't want to worry if user is entered in database with domain or not.

So nobody want to help me, so i have to write patch for saslauthd.
Now is available on my homepage:
I someone have any ideas about this patch , please send it to me.


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