OpenSSL troubles

Mads Munch Hansen mads at
Wed Oct 19 17:47:07 EDT 2005

I apologize for double posting but I thought this was a more appriate
place for posting my question then the cyrus-devel.

My problem is that I have tried to setup Cyrus to use SSL certificates
that are signed by my own CA. In setting that up, I changed a working
configuration with self-signed certs. After trying with the new
certificates I am unalbe to get the old configuration to work again, and
whenever using SSL as the authorization method the mail clients seem to 
time out at login, no matter what type of certificates I use.

I have tried running
openssl s_client -connect localhost:993 -showcerts -CApath

and the only output I get is..

I do not get any usefull information in the logs, either from cyrus or
imaps, ie. no errors are reported.

Any help would be greatly apperciated,
Thanks in advance, Mads M. Hansen

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