db4 problems with cyrus 2.1.16

Huaqing Zheng huasome at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 18:16:08 EDT 2005

On 10/17/05, Febo Aristots <febo.aristots at gmail.com> wrote:
> >From: Febo Aristots <febo.aristots at gmail.com>
> >Date: Oct 17, 2005 6:16 PM
> >Subject: db4 problems with cyrus 2.1.16
> >To: info-cyrus at lists.andrew.cmu.edu
> >I have had a bad problem with a seemingly corrupted mailboxes.db with
> cyrus-imap 2.1.16
>  I seem to have solved the problem this way:
>  - stopping cyrus
>  - I deleted tls_session.db and deliver.db
>  - I used ctl_mboxlist -d to convert mailboxes.db into text form
>  - deleted mailboxes.db and /var/imap/db/*
>  - recreated mailboxes.db with ctl_mboxlist -u < textformfile
>  - restarting cyrus

The BerkeleyDB code in cyrus-imapd has a number of issues that I've
never been able to work out fully.  I ended up switching to skiplist
(despite of its performance penalty for random lookups) which pretty
much solved all my problems.  I'd recommend that you look at doing the

Huaqing Zheng
Beer and Code Wrangler at Large

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