mv virus infected mail files behind cyrus's back.

Huaqing Zheng huasome at
Tue Oct 11 20:45:21 EDT 2005

On 10/11/05, Dan MacNeil <dan at> wrote:
> We're moving from courier to cyrus.
> Right now, when a new clamav virus signature comes we rescan /var/mail
> and move any infected messages we missed on the way in. Courier is fine
> w/ this.
> Cyrus doesn't seem to like it.
> Would would it be clean to replace the file with another message file
> containing a notice?

Not unless your replacement message file has the exact same headers,
mime segments and boundaries as the original message.   That
information is stored in the cyrus.cache file.  You could just remove
the original file and then reconstruct the mailbox.

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