how can I batch add user using cyradm

he.tao at he.tao at
Tue Oct 11 03:48:27 EDT 2005

my cyradm is perl version,it seems that tcl script doesn't work?

the following code won't run...
#!/usr/local/bin/cyradm -file
# Batch Cyrus user creation script. Usage: addusers filename
set inputfile [lindex $argv 0]  # Name of file containing users
set quotalimit 15360            # Quota limit in Kbytes
eval cyradm connect cyr_conn venus 143
puts stdout "Connected to IMAP server. Authenticating..."
if [catch {eval cyr_conn authenticate -pwcommand {{
    set hostname "localhost"
    set adminid "cyrusadm"
    set adminpw "xxxxxxxx"
    list $adminid $adminpw
}} } result ] {
    puts stderr "$result (cleartext)"
    return -code error $result
} else {
    puts "Authentication successful."
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