cyrus imap proxy?

Wolfgang Powisch powo+lists.cyrus at
Sat Oct 8 09:58:04 EDT 2005

Try "Perdition" (

We are using it in a large production setup with 4 backend
cyrus servers (no murder setup).

It can handle POP3() and IMAP(S) und can use different database-backends
(sql,ldap...) for looking up the right backup-server for a user.

BTW: i think you have to ensure, that usernames are uniq across
the backend servers or the users are logging in with username at domain.

I'm not really familiar with kerberos authentication, but with
perdition, the authentication is handled only by the backup-server.

Mark Hannessen wrote:
> In our network we are currently running two Cyrus imap servers in our local 
> network.
> on
> on
> these two where made available to the internet using webmail.
> now I would like imap itself to be available to the internet as well.
> but I only have one internet ip.
> for various reasons I cannot merge both servers into one server. (mainly 
> because of internal policy)
> now I thought perhaps it would be possible to do this through some sort of 
> proxy, but I haven't found any information about this.
> does anyone know if such a thing is doable?

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