help pls? imtest OK for localhost, fails for same box @ IP .... where to start looking?

Georg Gell georg_1 at
Fri Oct 7 04:06:53 EDT 2005


OpenMacNews schrieb:
> hi georg,
> thx for the reply !
>>>i have the same problem. The problem is the realm that cyrus adds to the
>>>username. Am I correct that you have set virtdomains: yes?
> yes, that is correct.  my virtdomains == yes
>>>watching the debug log, it looks like this:
>>>imtest localhost:

ok, I meant imtest -a username localhost

>>>login with username at

this is the part I was talking about. If you have virtdomains: yes,
imapd adds a realm to all usernames without realm, so on my server the
real username used with sasl is username at, which I
have in my user database, so I can log in.
> ok. mine is:
> imtest -t "" -p imap -m plain -a my.admin -u testuser at
> login: localhost [] testuser PLAIN+TLS

I think your imapd will try to use a username like this:
my.admin at to log in. hmm, have you set


ok, I meant imtest -a username

>>>login with username at

Here the strange thing is that the servername part is cut off, so I
cannot login like this. Same like you.

What I don't understand is how imapd constructs the the realm. I asked
on this list four days ago (cyrus sasl realm problem), but I still don't
understand it really :(

that's what I received from Brad Crotchett:
> I think this would be the expected behavior.  It is stripping the sub-
> domain which IIRC is what it should do.  But I am not positive why it
> is
> not stripping the sub-domain on your localhost  test.  Might be the
> way
> your hosts file is set up or it may not strip the sub-domain if it
> resolves it from the hosts file but does if it resolves it from DNS.

On my system I can login from localhost on the localhost interface, and
from external on the external interface. I can live with that, although
I would like to understand what's happening.


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