Am I going to run out of locks soon?

Igor Brezac igor at
Thu Oct 6 17:00:21 EDT 2005

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Gary Mills wrote:

> Take a look at the first and third numbers here.  The first number
> has been increasing.  Will something break when it hits 50000?
> Or, are those numbers not related?
> 	# su cyrus -c '/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.1/bin/db_stat -c'
> 	47690   Last allocated locker ID.
> 	3       Number of lock modes.
> 	50000   Maximum number of locks possible.
> 	0       Current lockers.
> 	0       Maximum current lockers.
> 	19M     Number of lock requests.
> 	19M     Number of lock releases.
> 	0       Number of lock requests that would have waited.
> 	461     Number of lock conflicts.
> 	0       Number of deadlocks.
> 	12MB 672KB      Lock region size (13271040 bytes).
> 	31M     The number of region locks granted without waiting.
> 	11668   The number of region locks granted after waiting.

This used to be an old bug in cyrus which was fixed quite awhile ago (at 
least it was fixed for db4).  What version of cyrus-imapd do you use?


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