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Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Oct 6 09:17:44 EDT 2005

Derek T. Yarnell wrote:

> Craig White wrote:
>> ----
>> reconstruct only reconstructs folders with the cyrus.cache,
>> cyrus.header, cyrus.index files in the directory. I'm not sure if you
>> can just touch those files to create them or copy them from another
>> directory (which will surely lead to errors), but if they aren't
>> present, they won't reconstruct.
>> Craig
> Thanks that works fine so i have to create the mailboxes first through a 
> cyradm call.
> Next question I have is has anyone done any work with keeping the seen 
> state using the formail method? Or is this just out of the question? Has 
> everyone who has needed to migrate mail and saved the seen state of the 
> mail just done it through imap transfer from the old imap server into 
> cyrus?

The whole process would be a lot easier if you use mailutil from the UW 
distro.  It will do everything the "correct" way, which is via IMAP, not 
via the filesystem and will also maintain flags.

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