Cyrus + LDAP + SASLauth problem. Rewrite login?

Georg Gell georg_1 at
Thu Oct 6 02:54:46 EDT 2005

David schrieb:
> Hello,
> I would like to 'rewrite' or associate the user at mailbox with 
> at localhost. 
> Due to postfix limitations, it can only accept mail for domain listed in 
> mydomains (localhost for example). The problem is adding a domain to 
> mydomains list implies a reload of postfix and the decrease of performance, 
> besides the procedure is not as simple as creating the accounts in LDAP, I 
> need to access to smtp servers.
> With a maildrop configuration like user at -> 
> at localhost I would workaround this problem in postfix-side, 
> but then I have the problem with the user login of the customers that should 
> be (with virtdomains adding @localhost) but should be 
> desiderable to use login user at due to current configuration in 
> qmail/qpopper server that we need to integrate.
> Thanks in advance, regards

postfix can use ldap lookups for virtual domains, No need to restart postfix.

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