Urgent assistance required

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at macfinity.net
Wed Oct 5 09:05:41 EDT 2005

> This happened to me all the time with the default DB4 databases
> on our RHEL Linux server.
> The paths below may be different on your OSX boxes, but to fix
> we would do:
> service cyrus-imapd stop
> /bin/rm /var/lib/imap/db/log.*
> su - cyrus -c "/usr/lib64/cyrus-imapd/ctl_cyrusdb -r"
> service cyrus-imapd start
> NOTE, depending on how you get mail injected into the Cyrus system,
> your incoming mail from during the outage may be sitting somewhere
> and need assistance.  For example, we run or incoming mail through
> procmail which calls 'deliver' to put mail into Cyrus, but if that
> fails, put the mail into normal UNIX flat space in /var/spool/mail.
> After a failure, I would have to manualy re-inject that mail
> from /var/spool/mail into Cyrus.

usually Mac OS X 'Server' runs postfix; a simple 'postsuper -r ALL' for 
requeueing the emails is sufficient.



> Eventually we seem to have gotten rid of the problem after we converted 
> the databases to 'skiplist' via putting these lines in /etc/imapd.conf:
> duplicate_db: skiplist
> tlscache_db: skiplist
> Then stop cyrus-imapd, delete /var/lib/imap/deliver.db and
> /var/lib/imap/tls_sessions.db, and then start cyrus-imapd up

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