ipurge or expire on virtual domains?

Robin Rainton robin at rainton.com
Wed Nov 30 18:28:02 EST 2005


I've just moved to a virtual domain environment which seems to have broken
ipurge. Used to have stuff such this in a cron job:

1 0 * * * /usr/cyrus/bin/ipurge -f -d 7 user.\*.Spam > /dev/null

Of course, now using 'unixhierarchysep: yes' and though I could just change the
ipurge command to this:

ipurge -f -d 7 user/\*/Spam

But that doesn't work. Also tried stuff like this:

ipurge -f -d 7 user/\*/Spam@\*
ipurge -f -d 7 user/\*@\*/Spam

All with no joy. Can anyone shed light on the correct ipurge syntax for virtual
domains? This is all with v2.2 of the server.

Alternatly, I found something about expiring messages with mboxcfg expire... Is
there a way to automatically set expire values in the same way one can specify
autocreateinboxfolders? That would be nice, then users could perhaps control
this as I assume the autoexpire setting might only be set at mbcreation time? I
have this in /etc/imapd.conf for example:

autocreateinboxfolders:Sent Items|Trash|Drafts|Spam

Thanks in advance,


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