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Marcelo H. Terres mhterres at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 12:13:51 EST 2005


I'm trying to migrate messages from a server running sendmail to a new
server with cyrus.

The messages are in mailbox format and I'm using mbcp.py (by Jean-Philippe
Langlois) to this task.

My problem is: I don´t want to use an imap to imap approach. I want to
migrate to IMAP direct from the mailboxes files for performance issues.

I know the imap copy can do this, but when I run the command

mbcp.py mbox:///user002 imap://marcelo:123456@ -v

I receive this output:

Debug enabled
Mailbox Copy version Release 0.97
Copying from mbox ://  :  @  :  / user002
To           imap :// marcelo : 123456 @ :  / INBOX
Starting copy...
Building folder list...

The script creates the folders and the account in Cyrus but does not copy
the messages.

Anybody can help me ?



Marcelo H. Terres
mhterres at gmail.com
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