Murder/Aggregator safe at any speed?

Anthony Chavez acc at
Tue Nov 29 22:00:21 EST 2005

Fellow Cyrus lovers:

I'm in a situation where I've got a number of VPN'ed servers where we
are very interested in conserving as much bandwidth as possible (in the
interest of reserving it for SMB and the like).  FWIW, each VPN pipe is
approximately 500kbps wide (according to iperf) up/down and we've got
over 100 users in all to account for (most of whom store a multitude of
email with, of course, attachments).

As such, we're considering deploying a murder of imapd's to run on each
of these servers.  Naturally, a number of questions have arisen.

1. What is the difference between The Cyrus Murder (as it is called in
   [1]) and Cyrus IMAP Aggregator [2]?  I understand that the plural of
   imapd is "a murder," as it is with crows, but I'm struggling to get
   the terminology straight.

2. Which document should I pay the most attention to?

3. At the top of [1] is an emphatic warning stating that deploying Cyrus
   Murder is both a risky and difficult venture.  However, the document
   is dated 2003/10/19.  Regarding the degree of risk involved, is this
   statement still true?  What sort of risks do I take in deploying
   Cyrus Murder?  Is it considered stable?  Do I risk loss of data?



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