Not able to create mailbox with fully qualified userid

plcyrus plcyrus at
Tue Nov 29 05:33:47 EST 2005

Thank you. That did it.


Ps: I wasn't deliberately spamming the list. It was an unfortunate
accident pertaining to a different imap server :)

Baltasar Cevc wrote:

> It seams that you should change the hierarchy separator, meaning
> that you mainmb.submb will change to mainmb/submb ("/" will be
> used to indicate the next hierarchy level instad of a ".")
> # use unix hierarchy separator "/" instead of the usual "."
> unixhierarchysep: 1
> In case you have changed it, the command should be
>    cm user/<username>@dom.ain
>           ^ you want to create the mailbox under unser not
>             "user.<username>@dom.ain" as a top-level mailbox
> Hope that helps,
> Baltasar

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