sieve problem ?

Bob Tito lists at
Tue Nov 29 03:43:11 EST 2005

Hi all,

At the moment we seem to have a problem with sieve on our 
cyrus-imapd-2.2.12 sytem (single instance message store ON)
Basically everthing works fine, but:

When a message is sent to 2  (or more?) recipients and one has an 
vacation message on with the email-address of the otherperson a vacation 
message is sent. Now, to make this more clear:

sender > recipient-a ( no sieve notification) and recipient-b (vacation 
message with email-address of recipient-a)
sender gets a vacation message from recipient-a while he has NOTHING 

We know, don't mess with email-addresses, but on a system with 13000 
these things can happen..
Any thoughts on how to prevent this ? ( a missed option or a possible 

Best regards, Bob Tito

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