Not able to create mailbox with fully qualified userid

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Mon Nov 28 23:28:05 EST 2005

> When I, logged into cyradm as user cyrus who in /etc/imapd_conf is
> defined as admin, try to create a user in this manner:
> cm user.<username>@dom.ain
>  I get
> createmailbox: Permission denied

Did you have other domains created before?  I ran into that error because I
had been fiddling around enough with the server to have left behind some
garbage.  Removing the directories and re-running mkimap took care of it (in
my circumstance).

Also, you don't have the loginrealms: value set?

loginrealms: <empty string>
        The list of remote realms whose users may authenticate
        using cross-realm authentication identifiers.  Seperate
        each  realm  name  by  a space.  (A cross-realm identity
        is considered any identity returned by SASL with an "@" in it.).

Setting that took care of the errors I was seeing in the maillog, pam.log
and other logs.

Turn up the logging and you'll probably see where it's having access

-Bill Kearney

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