handling unqualified names?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 15:26:26 EST 2005


Not sure if I've got things configured correctly but this may be a bug (on
my end or within cyrus?)

How is cyrus supposed to handle an unqualified username?  That is, logging
in as "joe" instead of joe at domain1.tld ?

I've tried a couple of variations, each time logging in as just "joe", into
a machine whose FQDN is 'mail.domain4.tld'.  The database has accounts in
both domains, domain1.tld and domain2.tld (literally using those names for
this test setup).  Each domain has a "joe" account, both joe at domain1.tld and
joe at domain2.tld exist as mailboxes.  So it's a machine in domain4 accepting
mail for domain1 and domain2.   I have one machine that'll be receiving mail
for several domains, none of which within the machine's own domain.   I
could imagine an ISP mail server sort of acting in the same way.

FQDN of server: "mail.domain4.tld"
Using these in /etc/imapd.conf

defaultdomain: domain3.tld
virtdomains: off

login:                        query made:
joe                            joe at mail.domain4.tld
joe at domain1.tld    joe at domain1.tld
joe at domain2.tld    joe at domain2.tld

It would appear 'defaultdomain' is ignored.

defaultdomain: domain3.tld
virtdomains: on

login:                        query made:
joe                            joe at domain4.tld
joe at domain1.tld    joe at domain1.tld
joe at domain2.tld    joe at domain2.tld

Interestingly, with virtdomains turned on it uses the domain of the mail
server instead of it's whole FQDN, but again ignores the defaultdomain

So what gives here?  Under what circumstances does defaultdomain affect

And what if I did want to login with a bare username?  How would I tell
cyrus to pass that along without tacking a realm onto it?

This raises a tangental question. when logging in and authenticating using
SQL (or ldap I suppose) does cyrus have the ability to discover what actual
internal mailbox name should be used?  Or am I chasing a fools errand even
bothering trying to login using an e-mail address?  While I've gotten auth
working I haven't actually gone to the next step to see that it's actually
'linking up' with an actual mailbox within cyrus.

-Bill Kearney

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