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babar haq babarhaq at email.com
Mon Nov 21 08:29:20 EST 2005

Hi all

We have installed cyrus imap with help from http://nakedape.cc/info/Cyrus-IMAP-HOWTO/quickstart-fedora.html.We have created 2 users toru n bilal using createmailbox user.wcooley as given in the tutorial. Now we send a test mail from toru at localhost.localdomain to babar at localhost.localdomain. The mail appears in /var/spool/mail/babar and if u use the mail program "mail -f /var/log/mail/babar" it does show the mail. The problem is when we access the mail over imap using a mail client let us say outlook it says that no new message in the inbox ie the mail box is empty.

For example I am pasting the contents /var/spool/mail/toru at the end of this mail. When access his account over imap we dont get anything.

What are we doing wrong.

Thanx in advance

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