moving mail from uw to cyrus, damaged headers?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Sat Nov 12 15:37:16 EST 2005

> try imapsync

Tried it, no go, same problem:

Couldn't append msg #6 (Subject:[Re: How to specify?]) to folder tt: Error
trying to append: 111 NO Message contains invalid header

(Basically it's telling me cyrus won't take the bogus message I put in the
'tt' folder)

Likewise various other IMAP syncing tools upchuck on it.  Cyrus just refuses
(as it seems it should) to take the bogus header.

So I suppose what I'm after is a 'mailbox cleaner-upper' for those corrupted

I've taken a stab at what's causing the trouble and it's lines with the hex
chars \x13\x42 on them.  At least that /seems/ to be the most commonly
present combination of characters on the corrupted header line.  It's
basically some gibberish put on a line near the very start of a message
(usually on a line somewhere between the 2nd and 8th in the header of the

A bit of grep-fu digs them out:

cd ~/mail
grep -P '\x13\x42' -l -R *

Fortunately it's only about 30 mailboxes (of some 300 or so) that are
affected and they're (thanfully) all in mbox text files.  If I can truly
narrow down what characters are causing the trouble then the various tools
should be able to function properly

But is there a way to tell cyrus to do the dirty work of cleaning up the
headers as a message is copied into it?

-Bill Kearney

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