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I'll quote myself here, I wrote it some time ago on this list:

1) I'll make a dump of all mailboxes to the text file:

su - cyrus -c "ctl_mboxlist -d" > /var/lib/imap/mailboxlist.txt

And I can restore it with:

su - cyrus -c "ctl_mboxlist -u" < /var/lib/imap/mailboxlist.txt

2) I will make a regular backups (in my case with DSM client) of /var/spool/imap/ and /var/lib/imap/, without stopping cyrus, in this case I endanger myself in some data inconsistency and maybe some e-mails lost (which were in process while backup was running).
Please correct me on the above if there are some other dangers I'm not aware of???

3) In case of disaster I can just copy mail directly from the backup to the mail store directory (/var/spool/imap/user/%username%),
And run:
/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -rf user/username

4) All quotas (in /var/lib/imap/quota/%firstletter of username%/)will not be reconstructed, so I'll need to do it manually.

5) All subscription and seen info (in /var/lib/imap/user/%firstletter of username%/) will not be reconstructed, but I could restore it from the regular backup.

Leon Kolchinsky 

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Hello all,

is there some good way how to elegantly backup cyrus mailboxes (sieve inclusive)? My idea is to copy/rsync relevant cyrus directories to another place.  
Does any good backup tool exist ? Or, how you backup your cyrus data ?

Thank you.


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