improving concurrency/performance (fwd)

Sergio Devojno Bruder bruder at
Wed Nov 9 12:13:31 EST 2005

John Madden wrote:
>>>This guy is having a problem with cyrus-imap and ext3 - when multiple
>>>processes are attempting to write to the one filesystem (but not the one
>>>file), performance drops to next to nothing when only five processes are
>>>writing. An strace shows most of the time is being spent in fdatasync
>>>and fsync.
> Actually, the thread just got off topic quickly -- I'm running this on reiserfs,
> not ext3.  ...And I've got it mounted with data=writeback, too.  But thanks for
> the info, Andrew.
> John

I'll bet that the fakesync preload library will make diference for you.

Sergio Bruder

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