fully qualified mailbox names

Cap daCaptain at rocketmail.com
Wed Nov 9 08:37:19 EST 2005


can anyone please say something to this problem?

According to documentation cyrus supports fully qualified,
domain based mailbox names with at sign like user at domain.tld.
And yes indeed I tested it, it works well and you can even
assign administrators to one domain only.


I have a lot of subdomains too, so I would like to have
mailboxnames like user at sub.domain.tld. In fact even two
mailboxes like:

user at domain.tld
user at sub.domain.tld

could exist with the very same local part. The creation of a
mailbox named like user at sub.domain.tld does not work, neither
with cyradm nor by IMAP.

Although if I pass an email addressed at fred at sub.domain.tld by
LMTP, then at least I get the message:

verify_user(sub.domain.tld!user.fred) failed: Mailbox does not

so this gives me a little hope that it may be possible somehow.

Could it be that only the mailbox generation algorithm isin't
prepared for subdomains? Or is cyrus not prepared for this


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