improving concurrency/performance

Sergio Devojno Bruder bruder at
Sun Nov 6 23:46:56 EST 2005

David Lang wrote:
> I was recently doing some testing of lots of small files on the various 
> filesystems, and I ran into a huge difference (8x) depending on what 
> allocator was used for ext*. the default allocator changed between ext2 
> and ext3 (you can override it as a mount option) and when reading 1M 
> files (10 dirs of 10 dirs of 10 dirs of 1000 1K files) the time to read 
> them went from ~5 min with the old allocator useed in ext2 to 40 min for 
> the one that's the default for ext3.
> David Lang
(!!) Interesting. You said mount options? man mount man page only show 
me data=journal, data=ordered, data=writeback, etcetera.

How can I change that?

Sergio Bruder

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