saslpasswd2: Couldn't update db

Mark Edwards mark at
Mon May 30 07:00:58 EDT 2005

I'm running the latest versions of cyrus-imap2, cyrus-sasl2, and 
cyrus-saslauthd on FreeBSD 4.11.

When I use saslpasswd2 to set or change a password, I always get a log 
item saying that saslpasswd2 "Coudn't update db" even though the 
password is changed successfully, the db file is modified, and 
subsequent authentication with the new password succeeds just fine.

An example:

May 30 03:46:13 lilbuddy saslpasswd2: setpass succeeded for 
cyrus at
May 30 03:46:13 lilbuddy saslpasswd2: Couldn't update db

I don't see these errors when cyrus-imap sets a password as part of 
sasl_auto_transition (I am authenticating imap via saslauthd).  So, in 
that case the password update occurs with no error in the log.

In either case, password updates are occurring successfully, but I am 
trying to figure out what is causing these seemingly inconsequential 
errors.  I have seen numerous references to this problem in Google 
searches, but no evidence of a solution.

Any ideas?  I tried posting about this to the cyrus-sasl list, but got 
no response.  Thanks!

Mark Edwards
mark at
cell: +46704070332

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