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Thu May 12 02:58:38 EDT 2005

[ On Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 00:30:46 (+0200), John Fawcett wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Message contains NUL characters ...
> nothing actually breaks by removing the nuls. The messges weren't
> readable before and may not be readable afterwards.

You cannot know that they were not readable, and/or that they were not
signed with the NULs in place.

As I said, finding a NUL embedded anywhere in the data is usually an
indication of either a serious bug on the sending side, or at least an
attempt to send opaque binary content of some type (which should have
been encoded somewhow and thus also indicates either a serious bug on
the sending side; or else it indicates malicious intent on the sending

The opaque binary data containing NULs could well be quite valid and
useful and usable from both the sender's and recipient's point of view
-- they may simply be expecting the e-mail transport to be binary
transparent and are not being helped by proper mailer software that
would have properly encoded their content for them.  Of course when the
transport involves SMTP (and IMAP), it is not necessarily transparent.

However if you silently and destructively remove the NULs from the
stream without giving any indication to anyone of what you've done then
you've definitely "broken" the message.  This is morally equivalent to
blindly and destructively stripping off the 8th bit in order to
"convert" (i.e. pretend to convert) a message to ASCII.

So, the only safe and sane thing to do when a NUL is found anywhere in
SMTP data is to reject the whole message immediately with a fatal error
response indicating the problem so that the sender is informed as
quickly as possible that their content cannot be sent as-is.  (The
sending MTA should have properly MIME-encoded the message if it didn't
want to bounce it, or have it rejected.)

(Someone should make sure the Cyrus install guide strongly recommends to
properly configure the MTA of the user's choice so that such it rejects
invalid content, and to choose an MTA that can do so!)

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