Can't create virtual domain mailboxes

Robin Rainton robin at
Tue May 3 21:17:56 EDT 2005

Ahhh... thanks Eric, this did the trick. The option you were talking about is

Not quiet there yet mind :( My imapd.conf now contains stuff like this:

admins: cyrus cyrus at cyrus at
autocreatequota: 10240
autocreateinboxfolders:Sent Items|Trash|Drafts
autosubscribeinboxfolders:Sent Items|Trash|Drafts
sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop
sasl_auxprop_plugin: sasldb
virtdomains: userid
unixhierarchysep: yes

I now find it a little annoying that an admin user from one domain 
cannot see or
admin mailboxes on another. Ie. to create users in I have to login to
cryadm using cyrus at, and the same to do work for Sadly 
this means
having to saslpasswd2 these users first, which is a major overhead. Can 
one get
around this?

Additionally, the auto... options aren't working, do these not apply to 
domains? Known bug? Again, my dumbass config?



Quoting Eric Schnoebelen <eric at>:

> 	You need to change the hierarchy seperator from `.' to
> something else (typically, `/')  I forget what the option name
> is, but it's pretty evident on the imapd.conf manual page if you
> search for ``hiearchy''.
> 	Then, create the user using the hierarchy seperator
> between ``user'' and ``test at my.domain''.

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