Can't create virtual domain mailboxes

Eric Schnoebelen eric at
Wed May 4 01:43:40 EDT 2005

Robin Rainton writes:
- Not quiet there yet mind :( My imapd.conf now contains stuff like this:
- admins: cyrus cyrus at cyrus at
- autocreatequota: 10240
- autocreateinboxfolders:Sent Items|Trash|Drafts
- autosubscribeinboxfolders:Sent Items|Trash|Drafts
- sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop
- sasl_auxprop_plugin: sasldb
- virtdomains: userid
- unixhierarchysep: yes
- loginrealms:

	One note, I found I didn't need "loginrealms" once I got
``virtdomains'' defined correctly.

- I now find it a little annoying that an admin user from one domain
- cannot see or admin mailboxes on another. Ie. to create users in
- I have to login to cryadm using cyrus at, and the same
- to do work for Sadly this means having to saslpasswd2
- these users first, which is a major overhead. Can one get around
- this?

	The master user (?cyrus?) can see all the domains, and
create users in all of them..

	The domain administrators can only manipulate their own
domain space.  This is by design (as far as I can tell.)

	For me, allowing the administrator for any domain to
create mailboxes in any other domain would be very bad..

	One wish for the developers, some way for ``admins:'' to
be a file to be manipulated. (include didn't seem to do the
rigth thing, either on the ``admins:'' line, or including a
seperate file multiple ``admins:'' entries in it.)

- Additionally, the auto... options aren't working, do these not
- apply to virtual domains? Known bug? Again, my dumbass config?

	Dunno.. I don't use the ``auto*'' patches and options.

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