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Tue May 3 01:21:07 EDT 2005

'k, just downloaded the patch, and took a scan through it, and am confused 
... first, i did read through the 'thread' on the bugzilla page talking 
about what was hoped to be implemented, so I have an idea of where Igor is 
going, just not sure if he's there yet, or I'm missing something ...

Namely ... how does this talk to clamd/spamd on a remote host?

Looking at the various config_get* calls, nothing is jumping out at me ... 
so I'm guessing this is only good for running spamd/clamd on the localhost 
right now?

Great work so far, glad to see this is coming ...

On Mon, 2 May 2005, Ken Murchison wrote:

> Amos wrote:
>> Hmmm... what's this about ClamAV? Integrated virus scanning? Maybe for the 
>> Sieve virus check test?
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