using admin user for Javamail

Brandon Chubb bfc0713 at
Tue May 3 02:36:14 EDT 2005

We have an application that does its own authentication and calls IMAP readers
via Javamail.  We're hoping to take advantage of Javamail's connection pool
feature for better scaling, but that wouldn't help us without logging in as a
common user.

No problem, we should be able to use the cyrus (admin) account along with the
NAMESPACE extension to read anyone's mail.

But there seems to be one critical problem as there are more connections: the
cyrus user's seen DB (cyrus.seen) is fought over by all the readers even
though we're not interested in that user.

Is this just the nature of the implementation?  Has anyone tried something
similiar?  Is this approach nonsensical because there's a better way?

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