Question about cyrus quotas - how it behaves

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Wed May 4 18:19:51 EDT 2005

Just a question for all of you about quotas on cyrus imap.

As far as I see, there is no "grace" quota or warning system. Users not 
watching the size of their mailboxes won't know they're near full until 
they're actually full. Is this the case?

Lets say a user has a 20 MB quota on their mailbox. Lets say it 
currently sits at 19 MB (usage). Then, assume postfix hands over a 1.5 
MB email (uncommon, but if there are attachments...). Does Cyrus accept 
this message but no further emails, or does it flat-out deny it?

If it does deny this 1.5 MB email, does it accept a 3k email from 
postfix that arrives moments later?

I assume once the quota has been exceeded, users won't be able to 
receive new email until they delete old ones. Is the quota 
restriction/ban "lifted" immediately after the offending user deletes 
enough of their emails?

Most of my IMAP users (local subnet) will be using Mozilla Thunderbird. 
The remaining users will be mostly POP on Outlook (remote users).

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