is this a DB lock problem?

Igor Brezac igor at
Thu May 5 12:03:06 EDT 2005

On Thu, 5 May 2005, Phil Chambers wrote:

> I am running cyrus-imap-2.2.8 and it has been running continuously for over a year
> without a shutdown.  Today I suddenly have a problem which shows up with Mulberry.
> Mulberry hangs at startup while trying to obtain a list of all users.
> A protocol log on cyrus show that the the IMAP process has obtained a list of the
> user's folders and then issued:
>  A00006 LIST "" "user.%"
> command. The IMAP process has not responded and appears to be hanging and does not
> time-out (at least, I have waited several minutes).

This is causing your lockers to steadily increase.  Do you know if such
processes crash?

> The logs show the usual "DBERROR db3: nnn lockers" messages.  However, whereas the
> number has always typically been less than tem it has steadily increase over night
> to around 450, jumping around at that sort of level.
> Is it likely I have a genuine lock problem or could there be some other issue here?
> I can see no way out of it at present, other than to shut down the service.  We have
> several thousand currently active users who will thrown off if I do that, so I am
> looking for a less drastic solution.
> Any ideas please?
> Phil.
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