Mysql Based Database Storage

Lee lee at
Thu May 5 14:01:57 EDT 2005

One of the biggest problems we see with cyrus is its lack of ability  
to do true high-availability, particularly in a scaleable manner. I  
know one option is to do murder with multiple sans, but this is far  
from true scaleability (one san can only be located in one place in  
the country, and only contains one copy of the data) and even further  
from true HA (teh san is a single point of failure, perhaps  
replication to another san might be a solution, but its not at all  
cost effective).

Anyway, I was looking at mysql cluster in mysql 5.1 (plans) and it  
seems like this might be a true solution to virtually all the  
problems with running highly scaleable, high-availability cyrus  

Has anyone implemented, or at least thought of implementing a mysql  
based backend for mail and database storage for cyrus? How utterly  
complex an endeavor might it be? What might be the biggest  
foreseeable problems?

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