Problems with cyrus!

Ulf Rasch u.rasch at
Mon May 9 06:24:13 EDT 2005

juanjo rj wrote:
> Hi every body...At first....sorry for my english ! :)
> i have a problem with cyrus-IMAP...
> I´m trying to build a webmail with SQUIRRELMAIL+POSTFIX+CYRUS IMAP....
> Well, Config Squirrel with cyrus imap it's as easy as execute a config 
> file where i can choose the imap server running with, the 
> cyrus-IMAP!when i see the squirrel config i can know the imap server 
> that is running in the webmail, it says that is cyrus imap. I can send 
> mail messages from the squirrel and it works well.. but when i tried to 
> receieve the message it says that i haven´t got any message in the 
> mailbox...
> i logged in with the user and the first line have a mail in 
> var/mail/user...and when i read the mail is the mail that i sent with 
> squirrel...
it seems that you don't have your postfix configured to send your mail 
to cyrus imap.

have a look at your /etc/postfix/

how is your "mailbox_transport" configured?

It should be set to "cyrus".

> i started de cyrus daemon (rccyrus start), y started de sasl 
> daemon(rcsaslauthd start),i created a mailbox for the user with cryadm, 
> and when a make a telnet to the 143 port...i logged in with the user, 
> then i write 01 select inbox....and it says that i haven´t got any 
> message...u know what could it be?
> i'm using suse 9.2.
> thanks for the replys.
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