Shared Mailboxes and Postfix - SUCCESS!

Josh Whitver whitverj at
Mon May 23 14:47:13 EDT 2005


After much work, it was suggested by Apple Enterprise support that "Conference"
may not be a usable postuser (they had enabled the Shared Mailbox feature on
their end without much trouble, using "postuser" as the postuser).

I switched my postuser to "bb" from "Conference" and now it works like I
expected!  Now on to play with ACLs.  

I wonder if it was the length of my postuser that caused the trouble, or the
capital C?  I tried changing it to just "conference" but that didn't work
either...but then again, I may have forgotten to re-do my shared_folders hash
when I made that change.

Anyway, it's working now, so I'm happy! Thanks for all your help! 
Josh Whitver
whitverj at / josh at
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