DBERROR - not enough space

Igor Brezac igor at ipass.net
Tue May 10 17:28:09 EDT 2005

On Tue, 10 May 2005, Didi Rieder wrote:

> Quoting Igor Brezac <igor at ipass.net>:
>>>> This will not work, you need to run db_recover or remove the contents of 
>>>> /mail/imap/db in addition to removing the two databases.
>>> Aha...
>>> so is it save to remove every file from /mail/imap/db?
>> yes, remove all files in /mail/imap/db.  Do this while the server (cyrus) 
>> is not running.
> hmmmm.... it didn't help :-(
> I really don't understand what "not enough space" means...

You are running out of space in one of the Berkeley DB memory regions 
(cache logging, locking or transactions). Check 
http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/debug/runtime.html to see how to get 
more debug info out of the berkeley system.

What do db_stat -c -h /mail/imap/db and db_stat -m -h /mail/imap/db say 
when you run 'out of space'?

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