strange behaviour with cyrus-imap

Patrice gopat at
Wed May 11 12:38:01 EDT 2005

Hello ,

I have some troubles with cyrus.
I have a test server which is ok and run fine cyrus-imap daemons (tru64 

I installed the futur server (os tru64 5.1b + patchs ) and all things 
compiled fine . (sasl + cyrusimap)
but I have a problem I haven't been able to soluce:

I use squirrelmail for imap access
on the test server a user with 3000 mails runs fine  (browsing inbox is 

on the new server a user with 100 do not run fine (browsing inbox is slow)

(note: same squirrelmail parameters then I don't think it comes from 
squirrel, that's why I post here)

I tried to verify different parameters but I still have the same problem.

if someone have an idea

thanks for your help

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