Experience with > 32K Sieve scripts?

Rob Carter rob at duke.edu
Thu May 12 12:28:29 EDT 2005

We're using the stock timsieved on our v2.2.10 server and some Perl/Autosieve 
code to handle end-user sieve script management (primarily for forwarding, 
vacation, and routine spam filtering).  A handful of our users are beginning 
to bump up against the default 32K script size limit in timsieved, so we're 
considering increasing the size limit from 32K to 64K to accomodate them.

Has anyone else tried supporting > 32K Sieve scripts on a server since the 
advent of byte-compiled scripts, and if so, what size limit are you using and 
have you run into any serious performance issues as a result of relaxing the 
size limit?  So far, the large scripts we've seen are pretty mundane and don't 
appear likely to cause excessive load or delivery delays, but I'd be 
interested in what other folks have seen.

--Rob Carter--

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