Experience with > 32K Sieve scripts?

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Thu May 12 16:18:06 EDT 2005

Rob Carter wrote:

> We're using the stock timsieved on our v2.2.10 server and some 
> Perl/Autosieve code to handle end-user sieve script management 
> (primarily for forwarding, vacation, and routine spam filtering).  A 
> handful of our users are beginning to bump up against the default 32K 
> script size limit in timsieved, so we're considering increasing the size 
> limit from 32K to 64K to accomodate them.
> Has anyone else tried supporting > 32K Sieve scripts on a server since 
> the advent of byte-compiled scripts, and if so, what size limit are you 
> using and have you run into any serious performance issues as a result 
> of relaxing the size limit?  So far, the large scripts we've seen are 
> pretty mundane and don't appear likely to cause excessive load or 
> delivery delays, but I'd be interested in what other folks have seen.

I don't see where a 64k limit would be a problem, but >32k is a pretty 
big script.  What exactly is causing the size to be so large?

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